Career vs. Debt

My wife and I know all too well the reality of a career and doing whatever it takes to pay down debt.  Unfortunately, this started way back in our college years.  How many of you have graduated or will graduate college with some sort of debt on your hands?  If you are not raising your hand, you are either a liar or are truly blessed to be some of the rare individuals who won’t!  That was not true for us.  Want to know how much we graduated with?


A Boss vs. Leaders

“If you think you are leading and turn around to see no one following, then you are just taking a walk.” Have you ever heard this quote?  Or something like it?  Almost all of our lives are dictated by this idea of being a boss or a leader.  Either we are a boss/leader, or we have a boss/leader in our life!  These individuals impact the lives of so many.  So, I’m going to give you some ideas of what makes them different, how to be better, and how to follow if you are not in a place of leadership. (more…)

Dreams start with a STEP!

Ever wonder why we need vacations in our life?  Or better yet, why the only thing we look forward to in our job is the weekend or the holiday coming up?

Have you ever had dreams of having more free time with your family or kids?  What about being able to travel and do what you would enjoy doing?

Or how about giving generously to those in need?  Or having time to invest in the lives of others?

It can happen!  But it only happens when you are willing to take a step not many are willing to take! (more…)

3 Steps to Change your Life!

I am amazed by how many of us do the day in day out routine of life not because we want to, but because we have to.  I am an example of that.  However, that has slowly begun to change ever since I took a job in Indianapolis at the start of 2015.  Being fired a few months later, I realized, which I had already begun to think, I want to be in control of my future.  I was tired of our life being dictated by the bank, loan companies, bosses, and so on.  What about you?  (more…)

Am I messing up my kids?

I am one of those kinds of people who wants my life to leave a legacy.  Since our lives are short, I want to know that my life meant something to someone!  I have drawn the conclusion that the greatest legacy I could leave is that of my children.  I have been given influence in the world, however, none bigger than the children I have received.  So… I going to make a good impression on them or am I messing them up?  Am I the only one who thinks this way with children?  Heck, they are both only two-years-old.  But what if I am doing things now that will negatively impact their older childhood years that will increase into their teenage years and become who they are as adults?  (more…)