Where are you going?!

Oh, how that question plagues most people on this planet!  Where are you going?  Have you asked yourself that lately?  Just trying to get by?  Doing whatever you can just to make it to each weekend?  This just isn’t on a personal level, but a business level, leadership level, spiritual level, and so on.  I have fallen into this trap more than I can count.  However, recently it has been a constant reminder on my mind that I want to share with you on how to overcome the here and now…the mediocre just trying to get by attitude.


I Choose Love

I have no other choice than to choose love.  That’s where I should always be.  In fact, Jesus goes as far to teach us to remember our first love.  Meaning, remember the first time you recognized the love He has for us.  I remember that and I have forgotten it for so long.  What about you?  Do you remember the first time that you really wanted Jesus?  What was that like?  Why is remembering your first love so important? (more…)

5 ways to be Prepared for the Unexpected!

It’s amazing to me how quickly life can change!  One minute everything seems to be moving forward, and in the next second, life turns on a dime.  All sorts of things make that happen, don’t they?

  • Get that dreaded phone call that someone close to you died
  • Out doing a regular activity and then you break a bone or tear something in your body
  • One day you walk into your bosses office only to find out you have been let go
  • Get a bill in the mail that you weren’t expecting and realize how much it is
  • Your car dies on the way to an activity and don’t have finances to fix it or get another vehicle


What is your WHY?

This past week I spent some time with teenagers and elderly in South Carolina.  It was crazy that I talked with a woman who’s grandparents were born during the Civil War!  GRANDPARENTS!  Crazy.  As I was talking to some of the men and women that were born almost 100 years ago, I couldn’t help to think about what I wanted to leave behind.   I asked a number of them who were 80+ what gave them the most joy in life…what was their why?  This is what many of them said back. (more…)

What Motivates You?

In my family, most of my life, I’ve been known as lazy.  I understand.  It’s hard to motivate me to do certain things that I don’t enjoy doing.  Wait?!  Isn’t that most of us?  So, am I the only lazy person I know?  It’s amazing how we slap terms onto people when they don’t do what we think they should be doing.  I guess my question is, why are we motivated to work, do, and become what family, friends, and society say I should be doing?  In other words, why do we work and do so much of the stuff we don’t believe we should be doing and neglect what we have been given to do? (more…)